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$50 Billion
in Commercial Property Financing in 2019

CBRE Capital Markets
Debt & Structured Finance

The world’s leading developers and commercial property owners turn to CBRE to provide creative financial solutions for their real estate investment needs. CBRE has unparalleled access to and relationships with global and domestic capital sources, including government-sponsored agencies, banks, life insurance companies, CMBS and offshore investors. With transaction activity in excess of $100 billion in the past 3 years, CBRE is the industry expert.

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$8.5 billion in volume


$30.0 billion in volume


$2.6 billion in volume


$5.0 billion in volume

I keep going back to CBRE because they’re the fastest, they’re the most efficient, and they always hit the mark.

Josh Friedensohn

Managing Partner at
Greenleaf Capital Partners, LLC

The quick turnaround that CBRE's underwriting team offers ensures that I can confidently make offers with more precise debt assumptions.

Jack Krasaeath

Managing Director at
Diversey Capital, LLC

CBRE's caring attitude helped make the experience as easy as possible, and we wouldn't hesitate to use CBRE again or recommend them to colleagues.

Michael G.

Principal at
Live Easy Properties

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$1.4 Billion in volume


$2.2 billion in volume

"Multifamily" includes senior housing and condominiums.
"Other" includes mixed-use, special purpose, mini warehouse and mobile homes.